Thursday, November 14, 2013

National Diabetes Month

A representation of a molecule of insulin, critical for controlling blood sugar
November is National Diabetes Month. The goal: to raise diabetes awareness around the world. The International Diabetes Foundation puts the number of world-wide diabetes cases at 382 million. In the US, just under 26 million people have diabetes, about 8% of the population. Eight million people in the US have diabetes and don't even know it. The rate of growth in the disease is astounding, especially among children and adolescents. You probably don't have to look very far to find someone in your network of friends and family with diabetes. I know I don't: I have family members dealing with it everyday.

Though the exact causes are still not well-understood, nutrition has a big part to play, in preventing diabetes and in improving outcomes for people already diagnosed with diabetes. Given the number of people developing diabetes at a young age, no one should believe they are immune. Which means, we all need to work on eating a healthful diet, whether you are middle-aged like me, or just going out into the world like my 21 year old daughter.

The American Recall Center has a nice infographic that brings together the facts about diabetes. It was put together by top bloggers who write about diabetes. It succinctly gives some key facts about diabetes, the disease, and life with it. Thanks to Dr. Mario Trucillo, the medical editor at the American Recall Center for the pointer to this short, sweet, and very important message.

Though School of Eating Good doesn't specifically provide recipes for diabetics, I try to keep the focus on healthful recipes though not too obviously. It needs to taste good too. Food is about blending health with delicious. I hope you find our recipes do that for you. With some knowledge, a sharp knife, and healthful ingredients, I'm hoping we can turn around this epidemic of diabetes.

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