Live in the Denver Metro area and interested in cooking classes? We offer a few options:

  • Community-based classes - See our post on CACHE: Cooking to Advance Community and Health for Everyone for more information on the goals of these classes. We'll work with your organization to make the class just right for you.
  • Fund-raising classes - Want to help support the mission of School of Eating Good? We offer cooking classes tailored to you and the proceeds from this go to support our community-based classes. Could be a private class in your home. Could be a small hands-on class with friends. Could be a larger demo class. We'll work together to create a fun event and you can help support our mission of food and cooking eduction by learning about food and cooking yourself!
  • Public classes - We are working with various organizations in Boulder to provide classes to the public. Visit our blog to hear about news on these or check this page.
If you are interested in classes, please contact us, using the comment box below.

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