Friday, May 17, 2013

Cooking to Advance Community and Health for Everyone

On this Food Revolution Day 2013, the School of Eating Good would like to announce a new initiative: Cooking to Advance Community and Health for Everyone (CACHE).

Cooking is about sharing, as the tagline for FRD2013 says: Cook it. Share it. Live it. We cook for ourselves and we cook for others. It binds us together in a community. It's how we show we care.

And what better way to show how much we care, then by bringing people together to learn a few things about real food, cooking from scratch, and how these things can enhance our health. Then, we share some great food, building community.

In the past, our efforts for food education have focused on young adults - specifically college students - but we want to broaden this because we believe everyone enjoys sharing food with friends and everyone can discover the hidden "chef" within them to share their love with others. We're not talking fancy but we are talking cooking from scratch with real ingredients.

For the blog readers locally (local being the Denver/Boulder area), this means if you have a group of people that wants to learn about cooking delicious food quickly, we'll come up with a 2 hour class. We'll work together to find a good space. The number of people is up to you. For small groups, we can be very hands-on, like in our classes for college students. For bigger groups, we'll be cooking and you'll (mostly) be watching. But, no matter what, you'll get to try some delicious food at the end of it.

What about the cost? School of Eating Good was conceived as a not-for-profit school. We believe cooking is such an important skill, that everyone needs to know how to do it. We fully support efforts to bring food education back to schools but it's going to be an uphill battle. Until that happens, School of Eating Good is doing what we can in our community to teach everyone to cook, in a fun and friendly way and at a reasonable cost. We will work with anyone to arrive at a price that fits your needs. [And if you want to support our mission, get in touch. We've happy to take donations.*]

The significance of the acronym CACHE? A cache is a hidden treasure, a repository of wonderful things. That's what cooking skills are - a cache of knowledge that you can pull out everyday to make your life and the lives of the people you care about a little bit better.

Cook it! Share it! Live It! And have a tasty Food Revolution Day!

*School of Eating Good, Inc. is in the process of applying for recognition as a 501(c)(3) and is organized as a not-for-profit corporation in the State of Colorado.

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